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Author: Tanvi Wattal

Is Censorship Infringing on our Freedom

Censorship is defined as the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information that may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions. In some instances this might be considered acceptable, however the impact it has on our day to day lives is not. Having free will as well as being in a supposedly free country means we should be able to decide for ourselves what we should or shouldn’t see, hear, and produce, yet sadly censorship is becoming more and more prevalent in our society....

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Why Congress Is Ineffective

Congress is very ineffective. They rarely pass laws. They do not accomplish much. They have been considered to be unproductive by many people. This is due to the challenges they face when trying to pass a law. The key to a productive Congress is cooperation, and we just haven’t had much of it in recent years. One of the reasons behind this is both the House of Representatives and the Senate have to approve laws. It’s hard enough to get one group of people to agree on something, much less two separate groups. One of the main things that...

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Is Our Generation Moral?

We ask ourselves, “Am I doing the right thing?”,“Am I a good person?”, and other similar questions concerning our morality on a daily basis. Morality has great significance in everyone’s life, because everyone’s moral compass is different, and ultimately creates our environment through everyone’s different ideals and viewpoints colliding or aligning. Our decisions and opinions influence others for better or worse. What was once wrong can be widely accepted and what was good can become a new destructive evil in an instint. The general belief of what is right and what is wrong shifts with each generation, as people...

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#ComePlay at Desi Dance Convention 2017

Desi Dance Convention (DDCon) is an event in Chicago for dancers to take workshops with the top instructors in the country. Held July 21st – 23rd this year, the convention will feature networking mixers, dance workshops, professional development workshops, and a variety of artistic development panels. DDCon not only offers an exciting weekend to learn from top tier teachers, but also provides an inclusive environment where people can mingle and make friends from around the nation! We are extremely excited to announce that we have sold out of Full Weekend Passes via DockSocial! However, we are opening up additional spots for Full Weekend because of popular demand via Venmo. If you are interested in registering for a Full Weekend Pass, email with intent to register and your Venmo ID. But for now, we would like to show a preview of the Convention experience. Get ready for an exciting and fun-filled crazy weekend this summer, and welcome to DDCon, fam! All aboard! When you’ve registered for DDCon and can’t wait to meet all your dance idols: The feeling you get when you sell a referral code to a friend: Finally meeting all the people you recognize from group chats: Realizing just how much dance talent is coming to Chicago: When you get your DDCon swag: While getting ready for workshops, you vs. everyone else: Standing next to the instructors:...

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DDCon: Where Dancers Come to Play

July 21st-23rd   In its inaugural year, Desi Dance Convention (DDCON) gave dancers the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and experience different genres of dance in an environment that cultivated their curiosity and passion for the performing arts. DDCON featured networking mixers, dance workshops, professional development workshops, and a variety of artistic development panels. Through these activities, panels, and workshops, Desi Dance Convention not only offered a platform that helped the dancers nurture new strengths, but also showcased existing talent amongst our community. To take a break from the stress of competition weekends and increase opportunities...

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