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#ComePlay at Desi Dance Convention 2017

Desi Dance Convention (DDCon) is an event in Chicago for dancers to take workshops with the top instructors in the country. Held July 21st – 23rd this year, the convention will feature networking mixers, dance workshops, professional development workshops, and a variety of artistic development panels. DDCon not only offers an exciting weekend to learn from top tier teachers, but also provides an inclusive environment where people can mingle and make friends from around the nation! We are extremely excited to announce that we have sold out of Full Weekend Passes via DockSocial! However, we are opening up additional spots for Full Weekend because of popular demand via Venmo. If you are interested in registering for a Full Weekend Pass, email with intent to register and your Venmo ID. But for now, we would like to show a preview of the Convention experience. Get ready for an exciting and fun-filled crazy weekend this summer, and welcome to DDCon, fam! All aboard!

When you’ve registered for DDCon and can’t wait to meet all your dance idols:

The feeling you get when you sell a referral code to a friend:

Finally meeting all the people you recognize from group chats:

Realizing just how much dance talent is coming to Chicago:

When you get your DDCon swag:

While getting ready for workshops, you vs. everyone else:

Standing next to the instructors:

When you realize how sore you are by the end of the day:

But you finally manage to get ready to go out:

Saying goodbye to everyone on Sunday morning:

But remember, that as our lives change – come whatever! – we will still be friends forever:

And don’t worry! The GroupMe will never stop being lit:

When you struggle to get your GIFs working:

PS: Check out another amazing article about DDCon17 on Bezzant Magazine for additional information and the link to registration:

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