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“Happy, Love, Good Things” : Photography Series by Suruchi Bhan

03/2017 – I took this picture late at night after returning home from several parties with my neighbors. At my friend’s house, I found a sharpie and was compelled (in a drunken state) to write on myself. I drew two hearts and a smiley face (not visible) and then wrote “happy, love, good things!” and once again, “LOVE”. This holds significance to me because, especially in an inebriated state of mind, I still know what I deeply yearn for and crave. Struggling with mental illnesses in college is by far the hardest thing that I’ve done. In fact, I’m writing this on my couch at home in Houston because I had too many meltdowns in the past week and drove home on a Tuesday afternoon. I took the week off from school, from my job, from my friends, and from responsibilities as my own adult. I think being in your 20’s is a scary time, but when your whole life is kind of scary and unstable, your 20’s seem to be rockier than everyone else around you. But I strongly believe that everything I feel as a “gifted” person is not just for me to experience. I think the intensity and instability that I face emotionally has to do with my mental illnesses, but the actual existential crises, curiosity, excitement, and more that I feel is something everyone goes through. We live in a world that shelters us from our own emotions and self-awareness, and this makes people more and more disconnected to themselves and what they truly want in life. Essentially, I truly do believe that although I feel isolated and alone because of what I search for in life (“happy, love, good things!”), everyone is seeking these things. You would think that that’s kind of an obvious statement to make, but I hardly see anyone my age prioritize their mental health and emotions before things like education, their future careers, or sociability. Maybe if we all took the time to step back and truly look into ourselves to find what makes us happy, we really could experience the beauty that is life.

Suruchi Bhan

Photographer and Writer

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