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Letter from the Editor #2: Forget About Validation and Pursue your Passion

Letter from the Editor #2: Forget About Validation and Pursue your Passion

I am back for the letter to the editor series of our magazine, that from now onwards will be updated every Tuesday (sorry for the break)! I’ve recently not only come to terms with my overly philosophical tendencies and, but also have decided that it was about time that I stopped keeping them in the central station that my brain has turned into, and this seemed like a suitable outlet.



Have you ever listened to a song and suddenly had to play it over and over again, as if it were the only song that you could possibly listen to? It’s as if, dare I say it, a connection was formed and it suddenly became your life line. (If you haven’t experience this, my deepest condolences with the hope that you too get to have such a godly experience.) At that moment, when you form that life line, you are truly living. Many times we stroll, run, or skip (or whatever your preferred method transportation) through life, and although our hearts are beating and our lungs are breathing, we have flat lined. It’s not because we have become some sort of medical anomaly, but rather because we have stopped forming connections, and have detached ourselves from our passions.


The need for validation

We tend to detach ourselves from happiness of each act and pretend to be emotionless robots that roam the earth with the singular purpose of finding wealth, which then leads us to give into such idiotic idioms such as the all too famous “Monday blues”. Unfortunately, this realization didn’t dawn upon me through some out of body magical occurrence, but rather through the humdrum nature of my own life. Each aspect of my day had made it onto a planner for the purpose of being checked off, and instead of enjoying whatever the task at hand, I would be counting the minutes until I would be done. Things such as practicing dance (something that I would label as my passion) seemed to turn into a task, and all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and sleep…all day. Why was I not happy, you may ask, is because instead of connecting with what I was doing, I detached myself from the pure joy of performing the activity and was looking for outside validation. Validation, oh validation, such a useless concept that each and every one of us is constantly fishing for. If I enjoy singing, why should Jane Doe’s opinion of my singing come in between the love I have for it. It’s almost like one of those infamous love triangles that you see on Gossip Girl, singing, Jane, and me: watch the season finale to she who will finally be booted out!


It’s your choice

Instead of indulging in the tendency to perform meaningless actions, take the time out to look into what truly gets your heart racing, and connect with your passion. Let go of social approval and pursue what you love! In limitation, of course, please pay your bills and go to school! I urge you to follow through with this a little bit each day, and don’t forget to journal your experiences! If you find a difference in your life, have something to add,  or have any questions, either email me at, or comment below! I can’t wait to hear what all of you have to say!

Yours Truly,


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