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Magic Exists- It’s Called Art

Magic Exists- It’s Called Art

Movies, dance performances, singing shows, and books- I’m sure that each and every one of you have enjoyed these eclectic forms of visual arts as leisure and entertainment on a regular basis (I certainly have)! What fails to catch our eye, however, is that these creative arts function beyond merely prompting a laughter or two, but rather, they function to allow us to convey our thoughts, emotions, and perspectives in a way that words strung together in daily dialogue cannot amount to.

Whether it is a dancer using her body to paint the picture of how disability can alter one’s life or a film causing millions of people to experience the phenomena of having their hearts ripped out of their body after trudging along the path of unrequited love, art, used in its full capacity, emits an energy that enters its viewers and listeners to elicit an emotional response that connects people’s hearts regardless if they have ever met or had a conversation, amounting to nothing less than a magical sensation. The beauty of art derives from the fact that it comes from the depths of an artist’s feeling, where political correctness, inferiority, and judgement don’t exist; the end product always being bare- completely naked- a rarity in the cloaked society we have cultivated over the years.

Now, I beg for an answer to the question that has been burning in the back of my mind- why is this magic treated without care, only used for one’s personal benefit, and given fake love day after day? It is not the outward obsession that you have to express to everyone about dance, music, or whatever art form you associate with, but rather the inward comfort you have to soak in that results when you immerse yourself in the study and practice of it (if it is truly something of value to you). Not understanding the power of art is a common cause for people treating it carelessly, so take a moment and allow yourself to feel art instead of separating it from your being and treating it as if it were a commodity – only if you want to understand its full potential. Mold this magic to create a movement or campaign for something that you believe in or to show a melancholy soul what true happiness looks like, use your art to collect money to donate so that people without resources can touch the magic as well, but don’t maim it by introducing it to the artificial impurities of society.

We have been searching for magic since the very start without understanding that it has been sitting on a damp bench waiting for us to unmask it and unlock its power. Now it is our turn to combat hatred, anger, frustration, and depression with the power that very few have been able to witness until now.

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