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What to think about as the 2016 Election results are coming in

What to think about as the 2016 Election results are coming in

One year has come and gone, and what had once seemed to be merely a joke could jeopardize the future of countless Americans and the established democracy. As this unprecedented election comes to a close, a sense of foreboding dawns upon the country as we have to adjust to the new reality that another family will be occupying the White House for the next four years. As President Obama had mentioned, this election may have seemed to be a parody or have started to resemble a reality show, but regardless of what type of election this was, the results will have very real impacts on each and every American- citizen or not. Therefore, I hope that every one of you voted with careful consideration of each of the candidates because this election is not only about policies, but about the character of the candidates, and the American people stepping up to their national duty to vote for the person of their choice.


We are a united country, and do not need to spread hate

An aspect of the election that has stirred a lot of negative attention is the unprecedented hate surrounding this election. This accumulation of hate has resulted in many immigrants feeling uncomfortable and unsafe in their own homes, offices, and schools. To know that the person sitting across from you in your chemistry class doesn’t want you in the country, and is willing to deport you without thinking twice can have serious impact on how safe you feel in the place you are supposed to call home; years of hatred has finally come out, and the progress we have made to become a united country, is unraveling. At this point, why do we need to spend millions of dollars on making a time machine when we could just elect Trump, right. On a more serious note, we are creating a divided nation by voting for Trump based off our individual biases towards particular demographics. Instead of creating a safe environment, Trump is creating one of hate and insecurity. His misogynistic, racist, and generally inappropriate comments do not exemplify the traits in a leader of the greatest nation, but rather in a reality television star. (#KimKardashian2020?) We want to show the world that we are a united front, a nation of acceptance, a nation that doesn’t differentiate between a woman on a man, and a nation that doesn’t form preconceived notions about you because of your race or religion. Hatred prejudice should never be the motivating factor behind a vote, so please put aside your prejudices and put the nation’s best interest above your pettiness.


Spread of Rape Culture

Regardless of what you make of the multitude of tapes and accusations pinning Trump as a misogynist and sexual abuser, the fact remains that he has no respect for women (saying that you respect on national television does NOT count) and has displayed this when he told a reporter that he would never sexually harass her because of her looks. This is toxic to our nation and a slap on the face of any equality movements because it tells our residents that it is acceptable to not only treat women this way, but also to normalize these lewd comments by labeling them as “locker room talk”. How can we teach the men in our nation to respect women if the leader himself does not embody these values?


We Are A GREAT Country

Do not let the candidates change your view on our country. We were great, we are great, and will be great, and building a wall on our Mexican border, or deporting immigrants will not change that. In fact, it will go against the principles that this country was founded upon. Every single race, religion and gender has contributed to the success of this country and by cherry picking examples  of individuals that have made bad decisions you are devaluing all of the contributions that passionate Americans have made. By creating a negative image of the United States, Trump has instilled fear and confusion in the general population, but fear is never a reason to vote for a candidate. Furthermore, instead of strengthening our country’s values and government system, he has tarnished it by claiming that the voting system is rigged and that he might not accept the results of the election. This feeds into his lack of respect for our system and spreads distrust. While change is important, it is not acceptable to deface the establishment without legitimate reason.


Trump Doesn’t Have an Actual Plan

If I had to pick one person that embodied the statement “all talk and no action”, I could not think of a better example than Trump. He has rallied across the nation appealing to the ethos of his voters and has instilled passion in his voters to unimaginable extents, but that is not what makes a good presidential candidate. He claims that he will defeat ISIS, build a wall on the Mexican border, and make our economy better, but when questioned as to how he will accomplish these feats, he seems to be lost for words.



In these last few hours of anticipation, I stand with her despite what the polls say because a vote for her is a vote against Trump, and a vote against Trump is a vote against hatred. She may be two faced about her policies, and she might not be the most reliable candidate, but she is the only option we have to keep stability in our nation if we do not want hatred and lack of trust to engulf our nation. We want to make sure that our women and men are treated equally. We want to make sure that our immigrants, and citizens that are the sons and daughters of immigrants feel safe in their homes. We want our women to be able to walk freely without the fear of being sexual conquests. However, regardless of who becomes our president, America will be great because we are a nation that is united regardless of color, gender and religion. So, let’s KEEP America great!


*These are all personal opinions and are not meant to offend anyone! 

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