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Why Congress Is Ineffective

Congress is very ineffective. They rarely pass laws. They do not accomplish much. They have been considered to be unproductive by many people. This is due to the challenges they face when trying to pass a law. The key to a productive Congress is cooperation, and we just haven’t had much of it in recent years.

One of the reasons behind this is both the House of Representatives and the Senate have to approve laws. It’s hard enough to get one group of people to agree on something, much less two separate groups. One of the main things that stands in the way of one of these groups, the House, forming a conclusion is the diverseness of the delegates. This is due to representatives being chosen by county and obviously someone from rural Texas is going to have different views than an urban New Yorker. This can cause great opposition between extremists. You can have a homophobe and a homosexual sitting in the same room, trying to discuss political issues. It just doesn’t work that well. Everyone will have some form of opposition.

Another problem Congress faces when trying to pass a law is the selfish delegates who are only going to vote for what benefits them, and what benefits one person, hurts another. Politicians, like most people, only care about power and winning. They make their decisions based on what is best for them and their party, not what is best for the people, and if you have a rare delegate who doesn’t think like this, they don’t last very long. One of the reasons behind this is the separation between the two parties and their unwillingness to work with each other. Once a party’s candidate loses an election, their new job is to hinder the reigning party from making any progress, instead of cooperating to further the country in all respects. 

These are the main reasons Congress is ineffective. It mostly comes down to the divides between people groups, and our need to try to make the people different than us powerless and in extreme cases not people at all. If politician were to start working for the betterment of US citizens instead of personal interests and ideologies, they might actually accomplish something.


-Grace Crain

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